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Bassoe Technology is a recognized designer of advanced mobile offshore units, such as semi-submersibles and drillships, offering concept and basic design, FEED and engineering services.


The future is coming, and it is floating

Let’s get down to brass tacks; the Global Wind Energy Council states that floating offshore wind will reach full commercialization by 2030 with 6 GW installed worldwide while other predict up to 8 GW floating wind capacity will be added from 2022 to 2030. Using a 20 MW turbine, this equates to 400 hulls to be deployed in 8 years or 50 hulls per year. Almost 1 per week worldwide!

T-floater parts

With the floating wind hulls of today, this is a huge challenge both related to manufacturing capacity worldwide and installation at the site. One might even say it’s impossible to build facilities and hulls at this rate, let alone having justifiable economics.

We are proud to present our solution (patent pending) to solve one of the major challenges of offshore wind; cost effective fabrication and fast deployment at site. The complete T-Floater floating wind hull with its T-shaped pontoons can be transported efficiently packed on a dry tow vessel or alternatively in modules for in-water assembly. This allows for fabrication on a competitive shipyard and the hull can then be transported to a quay close to the wind farm installation site to have the tower and turbine installed.

The modules can also be manufactured in smaller shipyards for in-water assembly which opens the possibility for utilizing local shipyards which will benefit local content.

T-floater model test

By carefully designing the hull to accommodate as many assembly locations as possible, we have succeeded in making a design with a tow-out draft of only 8 m with a 15 MW turbine installed. The shallow draft enables the tower and turbine installation in a port close to the floating wind farm which reduces the wet tow distance and as a result the time to deploy the units.

The design process of the T-Floater has followed the same rigorous process as for semi-submersibles for the oil and gas market with the design and engineering being Approved in Principle by ABS and the design is proven by model tests.

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