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Bassoe Technology is a recognized designer of advanced mobile offshore units, such as semi-submersibles and drillships, offering concept and basic design, FEED and engineering services.


"We want to do our part to move the world towards renewable energy and we have some ideas."

Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind

Bassoe Technology is now looking towards the renewable market and being a specialist semi-submersible designer we are investigating how we can use our expertise to help accelerate the floating offshore wind development.

The challenges are different from oil and gas. With the renewable energy market being cost-driven rather than profit-driven it’s more important than ever to reduce the cost and speed up the construction and deployment times!

Floating Offshore Wind is gaining more momentum with 73 MW of floating wind capacity currently installed (Carbon Trust, July 2020) with potentially 10.7 GW deployed by 2030 and 70 GW by 2040. If we consider 10.7 GW with a 14 MW turbine this indicates that 764 floating foundations would be required until 2030. The size of a semi-submersible floating foundation is almost the size of a mid-water drilling semi so building this amount of hulls is a real challenge! For reference, there are currently ~120 drilling semi-submersibles worldwide built (!) since the 1970s.

Bassoe Technology believes a new mindset for serial manufacturing of semi-submersible floating wind hulls is required to meet this target. Supply chain, transport and installation, construction method and constructability all need to be considered at a basic design level.

We want to do our part to move the world towards renewable energy and we have some ideas.